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The Weather Front

The Weather Front is an alternative rock band from Krasnoyarsk. The band was formed back in 1998, and for more than 20 years the its songs have been heard from various concert venues in Krasnoyarsk and other cities.

For more than twenty years, the band has played concerts in many cities of Russia and at many federal and regional rock festivals.

Live Pro_Fest live album is a tribute to 90s rock music. Grunge, brit pop, alt rock – all this is part of rock history, and the group embodied their creative ideas as much as possible in this musical release.

Maria del Mar singing on stage

Maria del mar

A very talented vocalist who collaborated with many professional band and artists in Krasnoyarsk

Gentle vocals

Maria del Mar in the process of recording her debut EP

Maria del Mar singing with the band

Unforgettable voice

Blues rock and jazz - gentle vocals with dynamic guitars

Listen to promo single from debut EP by Maria del Mar

Maria del Mar


The eponymous musical project that emerged as an instrumental one-man band.


1 official release and many promotional singles were released under the Uptown brand


Within the framework of the project, a large number of professional musicians contribute to its development


In the process of recording is the first official LP, as well as several covers of famous songs



The main inspiration for creating the UPTOWN music project was 90s music – real, unkempt and honest. The first EP turned out just like that – 90s instrumental rock, true to its authenticity.

The idea of the project appeared in 2015, and this was precisely the turning point when modern technologies in sound recording began to allow producing tracks of high quality at minimal cost.

Listen to the debut EP by Uptown

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