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Uptown Music Projects Strategy

The use of all modern means of musical production and promotion is MUST in the modern music business. In our project, we use three main components: MUSIC, BUSINESS, PROMOTION.


With the development of technology, the need for expensive studios disappeared, but creative opportunities, on the contrary, increased. UMP artists are constantly bringing something new to the music scene.


Monetizing your creativity today has become much easier than before – modern social networks provide great opportunities. The main thing is to make quality music.


In the modern world, the main thing is content! Any concert filmed on a video can find a much larger audience on the Internet than in the concert hall. And good music will always find a listener.


It all started with the release of the debut instrumental EP, which received an extremely positive assessment by listeners and musicians. We decided not to stop there, and to continue to develop musical ideas.

In 2019, the Weather Front’s live album was released, which was also widely distributed among the Siberian audience, and the songs from the album are still heard on the Krasnoyarsk rock scene.

Having been playing music since 2004, I have always been looking for various ways to expand the horizons of my work and find a new audience in different parts of the world. Today it has become quite realistic, using modern technology, to embody any musical idea, and allow listeners to appreciate it. This is the essence of the UMP project – to use all modern means of production and music promotion in order to achieve new creative heights.



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