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Uptown Music Projects – Past, Present, and Future

A musical project looking to the future

Technology for creativity

2015 was a turning point for Uptown, because we finally saw what new technologies in music are capable of. Just a couple of years before that, reamping of instruments was considered a special place in sound recording, but suddenly even such a mixture of analog and digital effects gave way to emulation and effects. Today, you no longer need to spend a fortune on creating a recording studio – everything is available as part of home recording.

Uptown Music Projects Fundamentals



The use of all modern technologies in sound recording is the basis of the production of our tracks.



Gathering a full concert hall today is much easier than before – the main thing is to have cool music that can hook the listener.



High-quality recording of the performance is the most important thing. Because many more people will see it than have come to the concert.

“Modern artists can be inspired by the past, but they must use modern methods if they want a future in music.”

Loren Weisman

Get inspired by the history

90s music

In 2019, under the Uptown brand, the album Grunge Gods was released, in which classic rock hits of the 90s were rerecorded. For recording, we used all the latest technologies to make the songs sound much better, and, according to the audience, we managed to achieve this.

This was another notable milestone in the history of the project – this time we were not inspired by the classics, we improved it.

Expand horizons

Creativity in detail

Project foundation

Uptown Music Projects always adheres to the principle that absolutely everything is possible. In the modern high-tech world, new opportunities for self-realization appear every year. Whether it’s a new plug-in for emulating guitar amps, or new programs for mixing, we are always in the trend of the music technology market to constantly improve our creative capabilities.

This is the goal of the project – to use new technologies to maximize the horizons of creativity.

To know

We are constantly looking for new tools and opportunities for producing quality music.

To create

In our arsenal there are already more than 100 new plugins for creating even better music.

To improve

Today there are no limits to the development of human potential. Our motto is to always learn and improve our creativity.
Новый сингл The Weather Front
Первый официальный LP Uptown
Первый официальный EP Maria del Mar

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What does an artist need today?

Music promotion

In today’s world, quality content is the main indicator of an artist’s work. Whether it’s a video, a website or a good track – it all works for the musician and brings recognition among his audience.


High-quality recording of a good song is the main thing to start with.


Today, even 1 high-quality and catchy video can make anyone a star

Live Show

You can do a bad show for 1000 people. Or you can do a great one for 10, which another 1000 will watch on Youtube

Social networks

High-quality content can make a fan from a simply interested user
“Everyone always says that time changes everything, but in fact, only we change everything.”
Andy Warhol

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